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    Customized Telehealth Solutions

Welcome to Health Network Continuum, Inc.

Health Network Continuum provides the most technologically advanced interactive monitoring system to manage costly everyday healthcare conditions. Our systems utilize advanced monitoring software that is innovative, customizable, easy to operate and cost-effective. Our goal is to provide Telehealth services throughout the Healthcare Industry with efficient delivery systems, increased access, ease of use and quality services with tailor-made solutions.

We Provide Innovative Telehealth Services.


Health Network Continuum has created a convenient and cost-effective platform to help healthcare providers address the rising problems of readmission rates and costly emergency room visits by offering a comprehensive TeleHealth monitoring solution for discharged patients and those who require specialized attention.

Real Time Monitoring

Our Remote Patient Monitoring System allows us to manage a patient’s condition on a daily basis from any location - inside The United States or anywhere in the World. The program utilizes state of the art technology, advanced telemetric equipment and custom designed assessments to provide effective, remote patient monitoring.

Global Monitoring System

Our system offers an assortment of TeleHealth tools that enable healthcare providers to design a global monitoring platform that best fits their organizations needs. For ease of use, convenience and efficiency, the monitoring platform and data collected can be accessed through a tablet, smartphone, computer or application.

Medication Management

Using Our State-Of-The-Art Medication Management Technology, providers can direct technicians, in conjunction with participating pharmacies, to not only send alerts to patients when their medications are available but also send reminders to take the prescribed medication as well as verify that the meds have been consumed.

Store and Forward Technology

Includes digital images, video, audio and clinical data that can be "stored" on the client's computer and when appropriate, information can be transmitted securely through our HIPAA compliant servers ("forwarded") to the healthcare provider for improved patient care and coordination.

Next-level features

Our TeleHealth Tools can be used for a variety of applications such as transmitting medical images and data for diagnosis; education, prevention and promotion of healthy behavior, and notification of emergent cases. Telehealth monitors the patient between physician office visits and is very beneficial to patients who's healthcare options are limited due to distance.

We are committed to service, quality, and excellence.

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